On January 1, 2004 , the 3rd phase of the Canadian Federal Law regarding Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) came into effect. This Act governs information collected as part of commercial activity by any private sector organisation. It states that information must be gathered with consent, collected for a reasonable purpose, used for the limited purpose for which it was gathered, be accurate, be open for the owner’s inspection and correction, stored securely. McCoy Bus Service already maintains a high level of security with respect to the confidentiality of your personal information but we are now obligated by law to advise & obtain consent to the terms of collection, disclosure & storage of your data.

The following outlines our principles to which we adhere in protecting personal information.


McCoy Bus Service is responsible to protect all personal information under its control or transferred to a third party for processing. Personal information can include name, home address and phone number, age, identification numbers, credit information, customer preferences and other items that personally relate to you as an individual.

For details on McCoy Bus Service policies on safeguarding your information, please contact the main office at or by phone (613) 507-5566 or toll-free (North America): 1-800-297-5540


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